Monday, May 25, 2009

Using old socks

Got old cotton socks? Cut the toes off and cut them along one side, then sew a zigzag stitch around them to use for cleaning rags. I've even used them as dishcloths. The tops make good sweat bands for cold drinks. Put the rest of the sock over your hand to dust with, or sew a piece of lace or ruffle onto the top and use as a personalized wash cloth in the shower. OR... sew velcro to fasten the top, then use up those soap slivers by putting them inside the sock.


Margaret said...

Great Idea. I used to give all worn out socks to my husband for grease rags. Now I'm keeping some back for myself. Thanks, Pat
Regards, Peg

steve said...

My family always has used old t-shirts for rags. The best part about this--with either socks or t-shirts--is that you become more fearless about cleaning stuff with that rag, because even if you stain it, well, the rag was made out of an old t-shirt you were going to toss anyway.