Friday, May 22, 2009

Twist'em ties

A peeled twist'em tie wire is handy to have around! Strip it to the wire and use it as an emergency repair to replace a screw in your glasses, hang pictures, repair jewelry... or use it without stripping to hold things together. Let your imagination run with it.


Margaret said...

I have also twisted the ends of the twit ties together so I have a long tie about 12 inches long. When I roll my newspapers for "logs" to burn in the woodstove, I use these ties to keep the newspapers from unrolling. Just before we start the fire the next day, I remove the thin wires from the ashes. I don't want these wires mixed into the compost and ultimately into the garden. The uses are indeed unlimited.

Regards, Peg

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pat. You just saved my pocket umbrella. One of the spokes broke at the joint and I was wondering where I could get a small piece of thin wire. When I read your post that was the answer. I stripped the paper off the tie, used the wire and the umbrella is as good as new. Hurray!