Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunburn remedy

It's getting about that time of year again - time for sunburns. No matter how careful we are, it still happens. When it does, reach for the apple cider vinegar and splash it on. Not only will it help relieve the burn, it will keep your skin from blistering and peeling and that means a better tan.


Margaret said...

I remember my mother doing this. When my daughter got a nasty sunburn, I was out of vinegar. I did have a jar of dill pickles in the refrigerator--without sugar. I put some of the brine on her back an shoulders, where the burn was, and it worked well. I would rather used plain vinegar, but had to make do.

Regards, Peg

Anonymous said...

I like to use milk to take the sting out, but have never tried vinegar. Sounds great- I will definitely try it (in case I do something stupid like fall asleep in my backyard after weeding).