Monday, June 9, 2008

Sweet iced tea

First, never buy iced tea. It's a LOT cheaper to make at home. Secondly, this is for those of you who like sweet tea: Tea tastes sweeter after being stored in a refrigerator 24 hours, so take advantage of that. Make your tea not quite as sweet as you'd like it, then let it set refrigerated until the next day. It will be sweeter than you made it and you'll have saved sugar.


Richard said...

Finding iced tea is really difficult here so thanks for the advice on making your own. I'll definitely give it a go when my daughter visits as she loves it.

Sharon J said...

Oops... it seems I posted that last comment as my other half who's been using my laptop. Sorry about that.

Pat said...

No matter, Sharon... :) Thanks for posting!