Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free rubber spatula

Why buy one? Trim a plastic coffee can or margarine tub lid to shape, leaving a wide "handle" to get a good grip. Make it a little wider than commercial spatulas for stability, since the plastic is thinner. Bonus: When it gets stained, throw it out and make a new one!


Meg from FruWiki & All About Appearances said...

Great tip, but wouldn't it be a "Free plastic spatula" then? Also, is this for cold use only, or can it withstand the heat of cooking?

Pat said...

Yep, guess it would be a "plastic" spatula... but then most "rubber" spatulas are plastic. Homemade plastic spatulas cannot withstand heat, just like most commercially made plastic spatulas can not.

Meg from FruWiki & All About Appearances said...

Thanks for the clarification!