Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saving soap

Every time you put a bar of wet soap on a dish that drains away the water, you drain away soap, too. Put it in a dish with a solid bottom and when the bar is finished, use the "sludge" in the bottom of the soap dish. It's soap and you paid for it.


Sharon J said...

No, I'm afraid that's something I can't do. I really can't abide the sludge that sits in the bottom of the dish. Yuk! But each to their own :)

Pat said...

Yes, to each their own. :)

Harper said...

I tried that for a while, but the sludge went mouldy before I finished my bar of soap!

I just use a soap bag I crocheted from some linen left over from another project. It makes the soap go much farther, and produces almost no sludge.