Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cheap dry skin remedy

Dry skin responds just as well to shortening, vegetable oil, butter, margarine or lard. While your skin is still wet, smooth on whichever fat you choose just like you would hand lotion or cream.


Anonymous said...

Great tip! I have dry skin and this definitely does work. Also, I take a wrapper butter comes in, after the butter has been used up, and I rub the wrapper gently all over my hair. There's just enough butter on the paper to moisturize my hair. I do this frequently and never have to worry about deep conditioning my hair once a week, because my hair can be on the dry side also.

Lisa said...

Olive oil works well for this too, and it's much cheaper than the usual carrier oils for skin/hair - can add a couple drops of essential oil & mix well, use on dry ends of hair, or all over hair an hour before washing, or a few drps in bath water. I find it's a bit too greasy to use on facial skin however

Pat said...

Lisa, olive oil is more expensive than most other oils and fats. If you want to use it on your face, you must blot off the excess after a couple of minutes.