Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cheap window cleaning

Don't use cleaners, just water. Unless your windows have bird stuff or grease on them, plain water will do the job just as well as "cleaners." And if you just have to use a cleaner, for heaven's sake don't buy it. Use a little vinegar or a drop of dish detergent in water. Why pay for something you don't need?


Anonymous said...

A woman after my own heart! And it's so nice to have the $$ as a result for what you DO NEED! Which brings me to this point: frugality is less about doing without what you DO need and more about doing without (not spending dollars needlessly on...)what you DON'T!

Pat said...

Amen! Discovering what we do need and what we don't need seems to be a never ending journey.

Thanks for your comments. :)