Monday, September 8, 2008

Saving on hot water

When you wash your hands, chances are that the water doesn't have a chance to get really warm before you're through. Since you're essentially washing in cold water anyway, don't even turn on the hot water. Traditional water heaters come on every time the temperature drops, and if the water in the pipes is cool, hot water replaces that awhile before it reaches the faucet, lowering the temperature and kicking on the water heater.


Margaret said...

You're right!! To save even more, I wet my hands, turn off the water, soap my hands, then turn the water (cold, of coure) back on to rinse. Regards, Peg

Heidi said...

Oh sike!
I have NEVER even thought of this before. Plus, if you're using antibacterial soap, then you really don't need the hot water. By the way, I pick up my antibacterial soap products at the dollar store for about 70 cents per bottle ... a real find.
This was a great tip, especially for a mom with a continually germy 5-year-old boy.

Pat said...

Thanks for adding the tips!