Sunday, September 28, 2008

Free salt

Bags of pretzels, potato chips and other salty snacks usually have salt in the bottom of the bag... you're getting it. Don't throw it out. Save it in a special container and use it on popcorn, in coating mixes for meat or anywhere a slightly flavored salt would taste good.

I call it "free" because it's something most people throw out without thinking about it.

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Margaret said...

Our grocery store sells loose bagels. They are on racks, and the seeds, etc fall into pans below the racks. I usually ask if I can take the sesame seeds. I've never been refused. (I don't care for the items from other bagels, although the "droppings" from the everything bagels might be good in a meatloaf.) When I get home with my "free" seeds, I put them in a container in my freezer. Love those freebies!! Regards, Peg