Saturday, September 27, 2008

More on freezer bags

If you buy chicken breasts in those heavy duty plastic bags, save them. Wash them out and dry, then package things to be frozen in bread sacks or other lightweight free bags, then put them inside the heavy bag that held chicken. Your food will be safe from any possible contamination (washing the bag well with soap and water should remove contamination anyway), and you'll have the benefit of a very good quality freezer bag.


Margaret said...

I always save my plastic bags for food until they are as full of holes as my sieve. Then they can be used to hold my quilting pieces, etc.

After washing my bags with soap and water, I rinse them in a weak clorox solution. That should sanitize them quite well.

Regards, Peg

Pat said...

I always reuse plastic bags, too. I wash them with the dishes. If my dishes get clean enough to reuse, I figure the plastic bags do, too, but there are those who are not comfortable with reusing bags that have held raw chicken. Using bags that are not freezer weight inside a freezer bag solves that problem.