Friday, September 26, 2008


If you save the liquid from pickles, whether home canned or bought, you can reuse it at least twice. Pickle cucumbers or other vegetables in it by heating it to just boiling, then pouring it over prepared vegetables in a jar or bowl with a lid. Put it in the refrigerator immediately and in about two weeks, you'll have pickled vegetables ready to enjoy.


Margaret said...

Strained dill pickle juice is good to wash windows, or cleaning anything else that requires a diluted vinegar solution. Once the solution is dry, the odor is gone. Pickle juice with sugar leaves everything sticky. I've never tried pickled hot pepper juice, so can't give you any information on that

Regards, Peg

Pat said...

I've never tried that. You'd have to be sure to read the label! Sometimes even "dill" pickles will have sugars in it.