Friday, July 25, 2008

More Uses for Plastic Bags

Use bread sacks or those plastic bags that newspapers come in as disposable gloves for tasks that don't need fine finger use. They're great for nasty stuff. Just turn them inside out to take them off when you're done and drop them in the trash.


Margaret said...

I've also used bread bags by putting them on my children's and grandchildren's feet after socks are put on and just before boots are put on. The plastic makes the boots go on much easier.

I particularly save breadbags with a small tear or hole in them--for putting on boots.

Sharon J said...

I use mine for picking up after the dog in the garden and cleaning out the litter tray. Much more hygenic than a poop scoop.

Pat said...

Good ideas, thanks. There are many, many ways to use plastic bags - so many that I couldn't even publish them here in one post.