Monday, June 15, 2009

Microwave cleaning

I've read "tips" where people microwave lemons or a cup of vinegar to clean the microwave... but why? When you can just wipe it clean every time you use it for something messy, why would you go to the extra expense and trouble of doing it the hard way? It's like a stove. Keep it clean instead of waiting until it's really dirty then you have to resort to buying cleaners for it and/or spending a lot of time scrubbing it.


Anonymous said...

But Pat, then I would have to stop being lazy.:) Good thing that even as a lazy person, I know you can microwave a bowl of water for the same effect, although I'm sure you know this already.:)


Pat said...

Yep... you can use plain water, but why not use water to wipe it out before you need to use the electricity to nuke a bowl of it? ;)

Anonymous said...

I my microwave once in a while with the boiling water tactic, but use a little baking soda and dish soap added, not lemons and it works great. Lemons are too pricey to use just for a clean the microwave, IMHO.

Pat said...

Lemon trees are very common in some areas of this country, so some (lucky!) people get them free.

If you simply wipe out the microwave when it's used, you won't even need baking soda and dish soap.