Monday, June 8, 2009

Free green onion sprouts

Put the bottom quarter or so of an onion in a container filled with dirt and keep it watered. It will develop roots and give you green sprouts for salads or sandwiches. Tip: don't cut it all the way down, and you can continue to harvest it for several weeks.


Margaret said...

I like this idea of getting something from what you would normally throw away.

I wasn't successful with this one, but I read that you can put 1-1.5 inches of a bottom of a bunch of celery in a glass of water, Keep it there until it develops roots, then transplant to a garden. Before putting the celery bottom in water, take a very thin slice off the bottom first--I didn't and the whole thing started to rot. I'll have to try this again.

You come up with some of the best things to do.

Regards, Peg

Anonymous said...

A Few years ago I read something you wrote about free food and I tried a suggestion of yours (carrot tops). That got me started on other foods and my favorite has been onions. I bought some green onions. I used them but kept the bottoms where the roots are. I planted those bottoms. I have eaten off those onions for 2 years now and finally let two plants flower and I still have green onions for my recipes. Thank you for all your generous ideas and tips for frugal living. Christine B. in Tacoma WA

Pat said...

Peg, there's a piece on regrowing celery here:
My Frugal Fun: Free Celery

Pat said...

Christine, sounds like you've been having fun with the idea! :)