Friday, April 25, 2008

Frugal foot care

With spring and summer comes sandals and bare feet. If your feet are still winter dry, give them a spring treatment! Before you go to bed or sit down to relax for awhile, generously rub vegetable oil or shortening into your feet (lard or tallow can be used, too), then put old socks on, then slip plastic bread sacks on over that. After a couple of hours, you can wash it off with warm water and mild soap. The price sure beats the commercial foot lotion.


Ala said...

You can do the same to soften hands. Use olive oil (or shortening, butter, veg oil, etc.), rub into hands, and put on a pair of latex (or plastic) gloves, a pair of woolen gloves (optional, but it helps the skin absorb the oil), and sleep in them, or rest for a while. This treatment leaves your hands really nice and supple.

Pat said...

Yes, you can. You can use shortening, oil or whatever, to rub into your hands during the day, too, when you're working around the kitchen. Thanks for adding the tips!