Friday, April 11, 2008

Soap is soap is soap

Most soaps and detergents can be used to clean almost anything: Laundry detergent will wash dishes, clean floors and scrub the bathtub. So will shampoo and so will dish detergent and so on. If you have a sample of something that you won't use for it's original intent, use it for something else. If you run out of something and can't or don't want to go to the store yet (where you'll be tempted to buy other things), use whatever you have on hand within reason.


Ala said...

I was given a large bottle of fancy shampoo, and when I tried it, I found I hated the scent. I decided to use it for cleaning. Turns out the thing leaves all bathroom fixtures really but really clean and shiny. I've been using the bottle of conditioner as a shaving lotion. Works like a charm.

Pat said...

I've used shampoo to mop floors and do laundry, among other things, too. It works.

Anonymous said...

Water alone does 90% of cleaning a standard laundry load. Soap only 'softens' or makes the water 'wetter' to penetrate the fabric and soil more easily to dissolve and carry away the dirt from the fabric. I have also experimented with great success and saved both multiple trips to the store and a small fortune on the actual cost of laundry detergents.
How refreshing to see logical,common sense like this that saves dollars & cents!! Additionally, we then have extra $$$ available which further improves the quality of life and the peace of mind to enjoy it!