Thursday, January 2, 2014

Make the most of soup bones

'Soup bones' that you find at the grocer any more don't have much food value at all, but you can boil them and crack them to get the marrow, if you can find them cheaply enough. Mix the marrow into the boiling liquid and use this a base for soups. If you add barley or wheat to your soup along with the marrow, it will taste like a meat stew.


Anonymous said...

Yes soup bones for me are essential in the winter time. The marrow is healthy for you and I drink the broth at least three times a day to help ward off colds and flu! The beef broth with marrow is very good for you as it helps build your immunity! Chop in some onion and make bread to sop up the broth and you got a filling soup! You can drink the broth before a meal this will also fill you up.

Pat said...

Where's my 'like' button?? :) The broth is really good and amazingly satisfying to drink.