Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Make Your Own "Corn Syrup"

If you want to make something but you're out of corn syrup, or if you're like me and want to avoid as many GMO corn products as possible, you can make a good substitute by adding a quarter cup of water to a cup of sugar. Mix it well and cook until it's syrupy when you put a drop into cold water. Don't overcook it because it will become like hard candy. Store and use just like corn syrup.


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to try this, but haven't actually done so yet. We got the HFCS out of our home a while ago, but my husband adores pecan pie. I haven't made him one because the recipe calls for corn syrup. You've inspired me to try the homemade variety instead. Thanks, Pat!

Pat said...

You're welcome, Stacie. I haven't made pecan pie with it, but it should work just fine!