Monday, October 25, 2010

Are you extremely frugal?

Are you? Sometimes I am; sometimes I am not. That's human nature. With Christmas coming up in a couple of months, the shopping spirit comes alive for most of us, frugal or not. Now's the time to hold tight. Make a gift budget and stick to it. Plan now before the fever hits. If you haven't already bought gifts, make lists and pay attention to costs. Start watching grocery sales for things you will need for Christmas dinner or parties and get them while the price is lowest.


Beth said...

Great Idea....make a list and stick to the money that I can spend! Most of the time I have had a pretty nice Christmas Club account but this year it is very low. Fortunately I have already purchased lots of presents from last year's clearance items and we are now just down to buying gift cards for the older children.
Today I went to the grocery store and purchased sliced lunch meat (turkey and ham) for only $1.00 a pound! Tomorrow is the last day it can be sold so I bought all I could!(Probably about 20 pounds!) It is usually $3.69 a pound and it is going in our freezer! That will feed us many many times!
That is usually the only way I buy meat unless it is an extremely good sale. I always have a surplus in my freezer and I haven't spent much at all!

Pat said...

Way to go! That's the way I like to buy meat, too.