Thursday, July 16, 2009

What not to buy

Paper towels, paper napkins, plastic wrap, dishcloths, potholders, minute rice, plastic wrap, tv dinners, canned soup... you get the idea. There are good substitutes or homemade versions that are cheaper and better.


Meg said...


Also on my "not to buy list":
* air fresheners
* most cleaners (baking soda and vinegar work better anyhow for most things)
* fabric softener
* jet dry (use vinegar)
* books that I can get at library and won't read more than once anyhow
* DVDs (I don't watch them more than once usually and can get most from the library)
* magazines (better stuff online)
* most premade foods and mixes
* most disposable things, including fem products
* moisturizer and hair conditioner (I just don't need them, so why use them?)
* anti-aging potions and lotions that are more hype than science
* Teflon pans (cast iron is soooo much better and healthier)

I could go on and on! And you know, I used to buy all those things at one point without even thinking that I had a choice not to! After all, there aren't commercials saying "Don't buy it!" and when everyone else buys something it's easy not to question things like that. Question everything!

Pat said...

Good point!
I haven't bought those things in so long that I don't even think about them, except for the moisturizer. I don't use a dishwasher, so the Jet Dry isn't applicable, but everything else is.

I wonder what else we can come up with for the "don't buy" list?

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