Monday, July 20, 2009

Stay cool tip #2: Evaporative cooling

Hot enough for you?

If that phrase has you ready to strangle the next person who says it, you might want to try some personal evaporative cooling. Evaporative coolers work best when the humidity is low, but this method helps even when it's high. You have to do it only when you're at home, to be polite.

Wet your clothes, wring them out and put them back on. That's it. You'll feel a lot cooler instantly and if you move around, that helps even more.

Try it. It works.


Meg said...

Doesn't work in Florida, I'm afraid! Damn humidity!

O.k., I admit, I'd miss it if I moved elsewhere -- but only because I love how green everything is around here. I'll never love that choking feeling when I step outside on a hot, muggy day.

Benita said...

Actually, having a spritz bottle and spraying your face, neck, arms, and belly work well, too.

Margaret said...

Aha, drying clothes without a clothes dryer or clothesline. I love it. AND it can cut down on use of electricity for cooling.

Thank you for the tip. I don't think I would have come up with this one.

Regards, Peg
PS, Good to be back.

Emily said...

Ah! I thought I was the only one who did this! This has gotten me through 3 summer pregnancies. I just found this site and LOVE it. I think you might be more frugal than me... maybe.