Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There's more to canned food than food

If you use food from cans (and who doesn't, now and then, anyway), don't just toss the can when it's empty. Whether it's a small can, like a tuna or cat food can, or a large one, the label is paper. Tear it off, trim the ragged torn edges and there you have a piece of paper for lists or notes.

Then wash and use the can to hold other things from candles to pencils to paint brushes. More on tuna and cat food cans later.

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Glenda said...

Here is a thought also. check with your local recycle center i know in our area they will buy them.. WE have a area in our back yard that has a wood storage container. well take our cans, remove the label wash them out and put them in there when it is full we take them off.. It is 30 to 40 dollars of free money.. just a thought..