Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Make the most of sales

If you find a sale on a nonperishable item that you normally buy, try to get enough to last about three months because that's the normal sales cycle. It will be on sale again by then and you'll never have to pay full price for it.

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Anonymous said...

I did all my Christmas shopping with sales this year as I do every year. I do not do Black Friday but I went shopping the day after Halloween and I got some amazing deals. I got toys and gifts that were "Fall" items thrown into a Clarence cart for .50 cents. I bought as much as I could afford to and used them for stocking stuffer s. It is amazing what you will find after the holidays! I didn't find a whole lot of sales in my area though after Christmas. The prices seemed still up there so I passed on a lot of stuff as I had better deals before the holiday. You just have to look around and keep a price book which I know now a days can be hard to keep up with. I got it so that I know what I can get where and how much it will cost. IF I go to a store I am familiar with and I see a price on something I need I can make a quick decision by knowing that another store I shop has the same thing cheaper. It is all about shopping the sales and using coupons if the item you buy has one.