Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dry Skin? Don't Pay to Relieve It

Frugal ways to cope with dry skin are often more natural and better for you than expensive chemical solutions. The fact is that no lotion or cream has any "secret ingredient" that is good for your skin. Oil or fat, plus water, plus stabilizers, plus fragrance is about all it takes, whether it costs you a dollar or a hundred dollars. Or a dime.


Anonymous said...

This might sound gross to some people, but I have the best success with vegetable shortening or olive oil. I just rub it into my skin and it feels much better. I have very sensitive skin, and many store-bought lotions actually make my skin itchy.

Pat said...

I don't find it gross at all. Olive oil is great used after a shower. Coconut oil is good, too, and can be used to tame your hair. It just takes a tiny bit.