Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grow your own salad

You can grow fresh radishes and lettuce, etc, inside during these cold winter months and save on salad, if nothing else. Make sure you have good dirt, deep pots and enough light. On warm sunny days, set the pots out doors in the sun. (Don't forget to bring them in if your nights are freezing temperatures!)


Anonymous said...

Dodge & Weave from the Dollar Stretcher forums has an idea that works well for her: invert a used coffee can over your smaller plants for a bit more insulation on cool nights. She said it works well for her miniature roses.

Pat said...

Stacie, you can cover plants out of doors with almost anything and it helps, but when temperatures get below freezing for any period of time, you have to start gardening in the house. Putting plants out during the day means that you have to remember to bring them in at night or they'll freeze, no matter what you do to them. Pots will freeze through and freeze the roots.