Monday, August 23, 2010

Liquid laundry detergent

When your liquid laundry detergent bottle is empty, do you toss it? Don't. Use a butter knife or screwdriver to take out the nondrip spout and you'll sometimes find enough detergent to do another load. When you use that, pour a little water in the emptier contaner, swish it around and dump it in a bucket or bowl to use for mopping floors or other cleaning.

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Arlene Hall said...

I love that you do this too! But I go a step farther, all spring & summer when I empty one I wash it out thoroughly and let it dry completely in the dish rack. In the fall when I have enough, I use a wide mouth funnel to fill some of them with salt/ice melter. I keep one by the front, back, & basement doors in case we have freezing rain overnight. I keep one in each vehicle in case we get stuck in a snowdrift or on an icy stretch of road. I also fill one for each vehicle with either sand or clay cat litter for traction. And if any empty bottles are left I pour my birdseed onto them & put the pouring spout back in for an easy way to fill the feeders.