Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reusing toothbrushes

Save old toothbrushes (or buy the super cheap ones) to use in place of other brushes. Use them to scrub corners and wall trim; to apply messy potions; to dust odd shapers; to reach in small jars when washing, and much more. Sanitize by soaking overnight in a quart of water with a little bleach added. Designate certain ones for certain uses so you don't have to sanitize them all the time.

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Margaret said...

My friends laugh at me because I reuse and reuse old toothbrushes. I have the last laugh, though. The economy isn't hurting me, and we have no standing debts.

I keep several old toothbrushes by my kitchen sink. I have a couple of fake cut glass dishes that are almost impossible to clean if food gets into the grooves--unless I use a toothbrush to scrub the food out of the grooves. The brushes are also good to clean the area where the faucets meet the stainless steel. Oh, the possibilities are, indeed, endless.

Even my husband has gotten in on the brush use. He has "his" own collection of old toothbrushes in his workshop.

Regards, Peg