Saturday, October 11, 2008

Save your shoes

Take your shoes off in the house to save wear on them. Wear cheap footsies or learn to crochet or knit slippers for house wear from scrap yarn.


Margaret said...

One can also go barefoot, too. However, in the winter, I'm with you all the way!! I want my feet warm!!
Regards, Peg

Terry Low said...

Super idea. This was mentioned on Martha Stewart (and also on Sex and the City) -- take your footwear off at the door. They do this all over Asia (Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India) -- it avoids tracking dirt indoors, posing less of a health risk and saves on cleaning too.

Pat said...

Lots of people do it to keep the floors clean. I'm not that picky. However, I like to save my shoes for when I need them. :)