Sunday, August 24, 2008

Save a Penny, Make a Penny

Along with saving those pennies, you can make a few toward gift cards from places like Amazon, Target and Starbucks. You just sign up with My Search Bonus and do your internet searches through them. To be honest, there are a few times when I go to Google when I can't find what I want otherwise, but "My Search Bonus" runs a pretty good search engine. If you search the internet now and then, why not make a few pennies from it?

Edited: I have been hearing bad things about this program. I haven't tried to cash out yet, so I don't know first hand, but reports say that they are not paying, or that they're paying after long periods of time. Spend time with it at your own risk, and I apologize for leading you into something that apparently isn't working.


Margaret said...

I just signed up. How do you get credit for referring me.

Regards, Peg

Pat said...

I have no idea. :) I haven't used this very long myself, but it seems like a good deal. However, like most things like this, we shall see.